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The world pandemic has greatly disrupted your children's education. Instead of letting them fall behind in school, give them the individualized attention they need with their classwork to help them achieve their greatest level of success.

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We're not a franchise. We're anything but a cookie-cutter tutor here at The Write Tutors.

Founded by Shellie Roth, Shellie's philosophy is to balance the student's short-term interest in a good grade with the essential long-term need for improving overall writing and critical thinking skills.

We believe a student should never become dependent on tutoring as it's the tutor's job to encourage learners to think for themselves and become confident in decision making. 

One on One tutoring services

  • Literature Comprehension

  • Research Skills

  • Writing & Paper Preparation

  • Grammar & Syntax

  • SAT/ ACT Prep

  • Career Coach

  • Speaking & ESL Tutoring


Students have different ways of learning and need to be taught in a format that will resonate with them. We work with our students to better their reading comprehension, strengthen critical thinking, and grow vocabulary. Being able to concisely write and convey the right message is an art form in itself. Individualized attention allows us to ask questions that guide the student and teaches them ways to problem-solve on their own.

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Often times, students are aware they are struggling with a school subject, however, they are not always comfortable asking for help or the help they are receiving is not suited to their learning style. We mentor students and act as their guide to school; finding the correct software or tools that work with their learning patterns. Every student is unique and can excel in their weakest subject if taught the appropriate tools to reach that level of success.

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Speaking/ Coaching

Speaking and coaching are closely intertwined as a lot of the roadblocks that stem from public speaking are overcome through self-confidence. Our online services grow confidence in your child, ultimately giving them the tools they need for a strong future ahead. Learning how to properly speak in front of an audience, classroom, or potential employer is a skill that people of all ages will need. Job interview skills. 

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Our Clients Trust Us

Lisa A.

Shellie Roth is an amazing tutor who has gone above and beyond for both our daughters over the last 6 years. She has helped them achieve their goals academically as well as their personal growth. We thank Shellie every day for the knowledge and expertise she has given to our family.

Group of tired highschool students prepares for exams. People studying together, university teamwork project

Why Tutoring

Choosing The Right Tutor Now Will Set Your Child up for Future Success.

Individualized tutoring allows your child to flourish academically and greatly improves their self-esteem. The tutoring program here at The Write Tutors is customized to each student's needs and is always one-on-one.

During these uncertain times, education has become more challenging than ever. Parents (you) do not have the time to teach students who are falling behind remotely. Children need personalized attention when it comes to learning to reach their intellectual peak and problem-solve for themselves. 

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